Before we could start building our house on the 16 acres in NE Dallas, we needed alot of dirt to build up the area where we are going to put the house. So, the easiest way to get the dirt, was to have a pond dug. Since I needed around 8,000 cubic yards of dirt moved about 75 yards away, I ended up getting someone who does subdivision work instead of the typical bulldozer guy. Below is a picture of the deep end of the pond

After the pond was dug, we started getting torential rain and the entire pond filled up in 4 days! The pond is shaped a bit like a tadpole and is over 17feet deep in the deepest area.

I stocked it right away with Fat Head Minnows and Golden Shiners that I ordered via mail order. However, after a few months it turns out that not all the fish were correct. Somehow, I now have a handfull of Large Mouth Bass in the pond. So, I went down to Overton Fisheries (South of Dallas) and picked up 150 Bluegill for my pond. This fall I'll go down and pick up some RedEar, Channel Catfish, and a few Hybrid Stripers to put in the pond.


This fall I went down to Overton's and picked up some additional fish. Here is what I stocked on the Fall of '07:

- 10 Large HSB (Hybrid Stripers)

- 50 small Red Ears

- 50 Catfish (half Channels/half Blues)

- Another couple of pounds of Fat Head Minnows


I found a tree farm going out of business on craigslist, so I went and purchased twenty nine 30Gal trees from them. They included Chinese Pistache, Burr Oak, Shumard Oak, and Live Oak. Because I didn't really want to dig all those holes by hand, I rented a backhoe to plant all the trees. I also happened to find a couple of trees on sale at Home Depot, so I ended up planting 32 trees total.

After planting all the trees, I decided to take a break and do a little fishing. This is one of the HSB's that I stocked a few weeks ago. My nephews came over the other day to fish and they were catching Bluegill and Green Sunfish (not sure how they got into my pond) every 30 seconds or so! They had a ball.


My brother and I went down to Overton's today and picked up some additional fish. We added 10lbs of Tilapia and 50 additonal Bluegill to the pond. We did a little fishing afterword and I caught 3 fish while my brother didn't catch a thing! Oh well, the three fish I caught looked very healthy and had nice big bellies.


Today I installed a Pond Aeration kit that I purchased from www.cleanponds.com . I rented a trencher from the local rental store and trenched about 200ft from my workshop to the edge of the pond. I used 3/4" PVC that I had from another project to go into the trench. On the Pond side of the PVC, I used a lead wieghted flexible pipe out to my Vertex diffuser.