Future Projects

Future Projects


List here are several projects that I'd eventually like to do, given enough time and money!  I'm listing them in the order that they are most likely to be done.

This is a hummer look-alike that sits on a VW bug frame.  This would make a great third car for tooling around doing nothing (which doesn't happen very often)!

  • Gas Turbine Engine

By taking a standard automobile turbo charger, you can create your own gas turbine engine (i.e. Jet  Engine)!  I think that I'll have to wait until I move to the country to do this one! Here are a couple of site where you can see some jets that where built out of car turbo chargers:



  • Hydro-Runner

This is a home built jet ski type of boat.  Most of the construction of this boat is pretty similar to the hovercraft construction.