Fish Tank Pictures

In December 01' we decided to get a fish tank for Christmas.  

Here's a picture of the tank:

It's a 46 gallon tank with a bowed front for better viewing (or so they say).  We currently have 21 fish in the tank.

8 - head-tail light Tetra's (used for cycling the tank)

2 - Swordtails (the female has already given birth)

2 - Striped Chinese algae eaters

2 - Panda Cory's

1- Albino Cory

2 - Australian Rainbows

2 - Rainbow Sharks

2 - Long finned Rosy Barbs


I also had one snail but he died within two days of purchase. I think the Sharks and Swordtails pestered him to death.  However, other than the snail, I have yet to have any fish die on me.  I am even plus two fish!  The female Swordtail gave birth and I was able to rescue two of her fry and move them to a small 2 gallon tank.  Hopefully, they will grow pretty quick so I can move them back into the main aquarium.



The two fish in the background are the head-tail light Tetra's.  You can see the red and yellow spots at the front and back of the fish which is what gives them their name.  The bigger fish in the front is the Australian Rainbow.


Here's the male Swordtail.  You can just barely make out the sword part of his tail (back appendage on the bottom part of his tail).  The females don't have the long sword.


Here's a picture of one of our rainbow sharks.


1/6/03 - After a year of keeping the fish, we have lost all the Cory's, three of the Tetra's, the male Swordtail, and the Chinese algae eaters. The panda Cory's and the Chinese algae eaters were very fragile and were pestered to death by the sword tails.  The male swordfish died from old age (he was the biggest Swordtail that any of my friends had ever seen before he died) along with one of the Tetra's.  However, I actually have six Swordtails now, because of all the babies they had.

Last month we went on a trip for three weeks and tried to use one of those automatic feeders.  I don't think it worked very well and when I got back, my monster Albino Cory was dead along with a couple of the Tetra's.   What's funny is that my brother Corey watched my house and fish and the Cory died on his watch!  Oh well, he was probably close to the end of his days anyway.

The Australian Rainbow fish are getting huge!  They are at least double if not triple their original size.  I'm guessing that they are around 3.5" inches long now.

Current Equipment:

46 Gallon Bowed front tank

TetraTec PF300 filter w/Integrated heater (300gal/hr)

Under Gravel Filter (100gal/hr)