Pictures of our two dogs

We currently have two mutt dogs that we rescued from the local animal shelter a few years ago (summer of 99').  The little one is named Pizon (the spelling is wrong, but it means friend in Italian).  He is part Chihuahua and part Dachshund (and 100% spoiled!) The bigger dog is Henry.  He is part Sheltie and part Dachshund.


Pizon has his coat on since it was snowing outside that day (you can see the white flakes on his back).

This is what they do about 95% of the time!

While at my parents house for Christmas 2000, my little sister (7 years old at the time) decided that Pizon needed to be dressed up along with all her dolls.  Surprisingly, Pizon loved all the attention.


Here is Pizon with our new dog, Minnie.